Isfjord Radio

After a good nights sleep, I woke up and looked out of the window – the weather looked good. Everything on Svalbard depends on the weather and you have to be prepared for changes. But the staff here are very good and professional and used to this extra challange.
Breakfast roomBreakfast

The breakfast was very tasty and the room has a very nice atmosphere.

In the morning we visited the Basecamp dog yard. When there is no snow they put wheels on the sledges and go “Dog sledging on wheels”.

Isfjord 009Isfjord 012

It was a lot of fun. For each sledge we needed 6 dogs. Since we needed to have 4 sledges it means that a lot of dogs need to be prepared. I will not try to describe the sound when the lucky dogs were chosen – it was very loud and I had a feeling they all said: -Pick me, pick me!!!! 6 dogs had to be harnessed and it took a while to learn how to get the head on the right place in the harness and the legs as well. But the dogs were very patient.

We went sledging for about 1 hour and me and the dogs were very satisfied after the tour ended. It was a beautiful tour and I had a lot of time to enjoy the scenery. The colours are amazing.
Colors in september

In the afternoon we left for “Isfjord Radio”, the northernmost Boutique hotel in the world. Isfjord Radio is situated at the Isfjord at Kap Linné. In the summer you go the 90 km by boat (takes between 2-4 hours depending on the weather conditions) and in winter you go by snowmobile or dog sledge. Isfjord Radio was a radio station until 2007 when Svalbard got fiber connection and since 2008 it is a hotel.
Dress om safety dress Isfjord 022

We went about 2,5 hours and since I sat in the front of the RIB boat, now and then I had a “shower” of salty water. No problem – we had survival suites on and all looked (and felt) like Michelin men. Too “fat” to move but therefore warm and safe. We were lucky and saw mink whale quite close on our way to Isfjord.

Upon arrival we became a warm drink at the harbor and walked the path up to the hotel. The impression of coming in to this beautiful and stylish hotel after the boat trip was overwhelming.
Isfjord Radio Isfjord Radio
Before dinner we had a short walk together with Maren that runs the hotel – you are not allowed to go for a walk alone outside since they have polarbears in the area. This summer they spotted polarbears 3 times, one time of them was a mum with 2 cubs’.
We eat a delicious 3 course dinner with Whale as a starter and had a nice time with other guests before I went to bed. Have a look at the webcam:

Svalbard reindeer

In the morning we had a very nice breakfast and two wild reindeer’s decided to show up just outside the breakfast window. The Svalbard reindeer are different from the other reindeers. They are smalle, shorter legs and more “compact” in a way. They eat a lot during the summer and in the winter there is not so much food so they have to live from the fat they gained during the summer and lose a lot of weight You could see that. These reindeer’s were really fat – and very cute. They are not very scared for humans .They should because the reindeer hunt just started.