Abisko – the best place for Aurora Borealis

After my visit in Abisko, I experience my life a lot richer than before I came. I arrived with train from Kiruna, a journey of ca 1,5 hours. Abisko is a National Park and was one of the first 8 to be established in Europe. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abisko_National_Park
This area was made accessible when the train tracks were built in order to transport the valuable iron ore from Kiruna to the Norwegian harbour Narvik.

Abisko does not only have an amazing nature it is also appointed by NASA to be the best place in the World to see Aurora Borealis http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aurora_borealis
The reason is geographical. Abisko have a special location, surrounded by mountains and lakes that make the sky clear and pure. Even if it is cloudy, the people in Abisko talk about the “Blue Hole” that normally comes in the evening. The Blue Hole is a hole in the sky without any clouds (and there are a lot of clouds around) that makes Abisko so special.  I experienced this myself because it was cloudy during the day and suddenly in the evening it cleared up and there was a kind of Hole in the sky that was totally clear.
I stayed at Abisko Tourist Station and they also operate the Aurora Sky Station at the mountain Nuolja. At the Sky Station they have aurora borealis 85% of all evenings. That is much more than other places inside and outside Scandinavia has.

Abisko 033
Abisko Tourist Station is a typical Swedish Tourist Station with accommodation in different categories. The HoteI itself is not very spectacular but you feel at home and relaxed. And since the nature is so spectacular, you don’t really need a spectacular hotel – the nature is enough. There are a lot of nice small rooms to sit by the fire, to read and to have a drink.

In one way I lost my heart in Abisko. There are many reasons for that. The nature really impresses me and it goes under my skin.
Abisko+Kiruna 034Abisko+Kiruna 043

I tried Icewall climbing for the first time. It is me you see above – it is no joke! Considering that I am afraid of heights I was so proud and felt like a queen! The last reason and perhaps the main reason is that I was the luckiest person in the world and had the Aurora dancing over my head all evening.

It was invited by Jens, the Sales Manager of Abisko, to join him up to the Aurora Sky Station in the evening. We took the probably slowest chairlift in the world up the mountain Nuolja. At the Skystation had dinner and after that I joined the lecture about Aurora Borealis. Tim, our guide, showed us the first glimpses of aurora on their live camera. http://www.auroraskystation.com/live-camera/9/

Suddenly Tim came from outside and asked us to come out. – There are some powerful Auroras outside. I think we were around 70 people up there. During dinner everybody talked and the sound level was high. When I went out and looked in the sky, the Auroras covered the whole sky from north to south. Everybody was so affected by this experience and it was totally silent. Can you imagine 70 persons together and nobody say a word?
Tim made a small film and I shared it on Haman Scandinavias Facebook page. You can see the film here: http://www.facebook.com/HamanScandinavia

Abisko+Kiruna 053

Abisko has a lot to offer. You can do Ice climbing, you can go skiing both cross country and downhill. Jens, told me that the freeriding at the Nuolja mountain is known to be one of the best in Europe when the snow is good. There is a husky camp beside the hotel (but the dogs are well behaved – no disturbance) so you can go for dog sledge tours. You can also do a photo tour with Chad Blakely and learn how to do photos of the auroras. Chad is one of the most known aurora photographer and he lives in Abisko www.http://lightsoverlapland.com
The Tourist Station offers a “City tour” of Abisko. That is a lot of fun… because I never found the city. You get an oil lamp and then you start the walking tour around Abisko.

Of course you can also go walking in the summer but I save that until my next summer tour and summer blog 🙂


3 thoughts on “Abisko – the best place for Aurora Borealis

  1. Dear Anette,

    It is really nice to read your blog about this fantastic trip in the north! I am really jealous about your Aurora experience, I think it has to be one of the most impressive nature experiences. Enjoy the rest of your very special tour!

    Best regards,
    Martijn de Jong
    Peter Langhout Reizen
    The Netherlands

    • Dear Martin,
      the Aurora experience was very impressive. I never saw an Aurora that strong before and always thought I have bad luck with Aurora. If you want to see it, I can recommend Abisko. They have very good rates. 🙂

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